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Sobahn - 소반

Translated as 'little table,' Sobahn is used for various purposes including but not limited to dining, studying, and working. Primarily used to connect the kitchen and people, today we use it in our restaurant to connect customers to tradition and food from Korea and Japan.

Originally from Korea, Mr. and Mrs. Kim moved their family to Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2006. Once here, they sought to bring with them the uniquely flavorful and complex tastes of South Korea. A family owned and operated business, it is common to see them, their son and their daughter around the restaurant participating in the preparation and service of each meal served to their customers.

This dynamic couple specializes in old and new Korean and Japanese dishes, and as they offer to you options of modern-style seating and traditional Asian-style seating, they hope you will enjoy your time at their restaurant however you choose to experience it.

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